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African Sky Runners was founded by Nicola’s passion for flying over 11 years ago. As an airline pilot for Alitalia, he boasts more than 11,000 hours of flight time, of which over 2,500 hours are in African skies. His love of flight combined with his expert travel experience and knowledge provide a special insight into the treasures of Africa.

Nicola and his crew spent more then three years exploring and recruiting the resources and travel partners for the specialized purposes of African Sky Runner tours. The list included suitable planes, charter companies, airports, crosscountry landing strips and hotels. The infrastructure was critical and included the flight planning to ensure access to the most spectacular sights, the best approach angles and the right light and timing for those views. Every aspect of planning was designed to add value to your travels.

A view with the eyes of an African Bird

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African Sky Runner gives you the chance to observe and comprehend firsthand the incredible wonders of southern Africa.

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Flight transfers become amazing scenic flights that give depth and beauty to the landscape below which on regular flights seems distant and flat. Our tours give you the opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and travel desires up close and personal. Comfortably seated on our wide window aircraft, you will have access to a panoramic and privileged view usually reserved for a select few. The incomparable kaleidoscope that is Southern Africa will leave the indelible imprint of a unique and extraordinary adventure on your memory forever.

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