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Set out on an 14 days epic adventure by plane and enjoy an amazing scenic flight with over 20 hours. Among Luderitz Bay’s teeming marine life, marvel at the towering dunes of the Sossusvlei, track the “Big Five” in the lush Okavango Delta, explore the Kalahari and experience the beauty of the Vicotria Falls.




Day 1


ARRIVE JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA Arrive in Johannesburg and transfer to your hotel. Meet your fellow guests tonight at a welcome dinner. Hotel: Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa Meals: Dinner

Day 2


Transfer to Pretoria airport. You will meet your pilot, see the plane which will carry you on this wonderful adventure, and complete the tour safety. Your first flight will be over the area north of Pretoria, Johannesburg and the center of the township of Soweto. Sights on this flight include the Bloemhof Dam Nature Preserve, a 13,000-hectare lake formed by a sharp deflection of the Vaal river and the Big Hole, a World Heritage Site, is the largest mine dug by hand in the world. In Kimberley you will be transferred to the historic Kimberly Club, a 4 star hotel, circa the early nineteenth century. Hotel: Kimberly Club Meals: Dinner

Day 3


Kimberley-Luderitz (Namibia) Flight from Kimberley to the destination of Luderitz in Namibia 4 hours scenic flight time, follow the course of The Orange river. We can admire the famous crop circles and incredible colors. Pass by the Augrabies Falls. After short landing at the Upington Airport we departing for the southern border of the Kalahari Desert. At the route we will experience an incredibly scenic flight over the Fish River Canyon, the world’s oldest canyon. We fly over the ghost town of Kolmanskop with their seemingly endless desert dunes of the Namib Desert. After landing we will transfer to the hotel. At Diaz Point, with its lunar-like landscape and strong winds off the ocean we get the impression when we are having our pre-dinner appetizers. Delicious local oysters and champagne toast this otherworldly experience.

Day 4


In the morning we have a fleeting visit to the ghost town of Kolmanskop before departing for our next destination – Darmaland. 3 hours scenic flight time. At a low altitude flight, you will see shipwrecks, coastal dunes, colonies of seals and sea lions, and during the October to December migration season, whales and killer whales escorting their babies back to cold polar waters. Immediately after take-off we proceed along the coast to Hottentot Bay where we find the first of three shipwrecks. After flying over oyster beds and platforms for the collection of guano, we land in Swakopmund, a pretty little town which takes its name from the river. We transfer to the city where we enjoy a walk and a luncheon in one of the charming seaside restaurants. We depart for Damaraland after lunch on a quick, one hour flight. During this flight we experience the rocky side of the Namib Desert. The Spitzkoppe, two solitary granite blocks rising over 1,600 feet from the desert floor, stand guard over the barren desert. Landing at the local airstrip we transfer to our lodge, which will be our basecamp for activities in Darmaraland. Dinner is served at the lodge.

Day 5


After breakfast at the lodge we embark on a full day excursion in search of desert elephants. There are few people in the world who are able to reach and enjoy these places. The Damaraland & Kunene regions are home to giant inselbergs, formed millions of years ago when lava was all the rage, they rise sheer and jagged from the barren plains of the inner Namib Desert. The most impressive of these are Spitzkoppe and the Brandberg Massif. Famous desert-adapted elephants traverse this vast dry land in search of water as well as the world’s only naturally occurring population of black rhino. Damaraland’s northern hilly savannah supports a large number of species including lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, eland, kudu, giraffe, klipspringer, steenbok, gemsbok and springbok. Birdlife is prolific with over 33 raptors recorded including cuckoo hawks, Egyptian vultures and peregrine falcons – the world’s fastest animal. We return to the lodge for Dinner and relaxation.

Day 6


After breakfast for one hour flight through eastern Kaokoland and land at our lodge’s private airstrip, close to one of the Etosha National Park’s entry gates. At the safari through the park where we can encounter 114 types of mammals and 340 species of birds; all of whom call this 8,600 square mile reserve home. It was created in March 22, 1907 in Ordinance 88 by the Governor of German SouthWest Africa, Dr. Friedrich von Lindequist. Our dinner will be served at the lodge.

Day 7


After breakfast we spend another full day in the park, "hunting" for wildlife around the countless water holes. Lunch boxes during the day and dinner served at the lodge.

Day 8


Etosha & Okavango Delta After breakfast we depart for the Okavango Delta. Our flight last about 3 hours and includes 2 stops for the usual exit/entry procedures for Namibia and Botswana, before landing in the middle of the Delta. This flight will give us some of the most unforgettable images. We will admire hundreds of tons of green mixing with the blue of the water; animals drinking in the labyrinth of channels forming the largest internal delta in the world. Will race along with herds of antelopes— galloping in the river shallows, creating soft layers of mist projecting thousands of rainbows across the panorama. Elephants trumpeting as we overfly the area and countless other wonders. We land at a remote airstrip for transfer by 4x4 vehicles to the mooring where we will board for our first "boat safari," on our way to the camping site. We can see African Fish eagles circling over possible prey, elephants and other wildlife bathing in the river, while water lilacs and papyrus forests provide the perfect setting for our journey. Upon arriving at the camping site, our staff will prepare the dinner, served around a memorable "bush fire," and we will enjoy another stunning sunset. After dinner the southern hemisphere sky with its thousands of stars and the "bush tv"—as locals call the bush fire, will be the perfect companions for a fine selection of South African wines and spirits.

Day 9


After coffee at dawn, we will take a two-hour walking safari. Breakfast will served upon our return to the camp. Shortly after we will go out on boats for a day of safari in search of animals and the most beautiful locations in the area.We will see islands where the birds nest: different types of storks, ibis, ahingas, herons, etc. Lunch will be packed. After lunch we continue our exploration. It is difficult to describe this magical place and words cannot do it justice. The only way to truly appreciate it, is in person. Dinner will be served at the campsite.

Day 10


Transfer to the landing strip and departure to Kasane. This scenic two hour flight is always at low altitude, allowing us to admire the swamps of Lynianti and Chobe River. This is one of the most beautiful scenic flights on our tour. We fly over the beautiful delta once more and the Chobe River with herds of animals scattered along it banks. Upon landing at Kasane we will transfer to the lodge for lunch, before departing on a late afternoon boat trip to admire the sunset and discover the many species of animals that call the Chobe River home: hippos, elephants, antelope and countless colorful birds. Dinner back at the lodge

Day 11


Breakfast in the hotel. A full day dedicated to discovering Chobe National Park, one of the most beautiful in Africa. Light lunch, and dinner at the lodge.

Day 12


Breakfast at the hotel, followed by a transfer to the airport. Today’s destination is Victoria Falls. The flight will last 45 minutes, during which we will fly over the point where the Chobe River and Zambezi rivers meet. The Zambesi will pick up speed before it reaches the fracture in the earth’s crust which generates the Victoria Falls. The falls mark the natural boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and boast the greatest width in the world, longer six-tenths of a mile, with an average height of 420 feet. After arrival, once entry procedures are completed, we will be transferred to the hotel. If time permits, we will treat ourselves to our first breathtaking view of the Victoria Falls. If the arrival timing is late we will forego our first view of the falls in favor of being on time for a not-to-miss sunset cruise. On board the majestic 19th century boat, we will slowly cruise along the Zambesi river upstream from the falls, while tasting a selection of local beer and liquors. Another extraordinary African sunset will accompany us on this final night of our trip, before we return to the hotel for dinner.

Day 13


Breakfast in the hotel and transfer to the airport. The flight back to Pretoria will last about three and a half hours, including a stop at Pilansberg Airport for the customary paperwork for entry into South Africa. Our extraordinary journey has taken us over 3,100 miles and given us a bird’s eye view of four incredible African nations in twenty-five flying hours. Our penultimate flight of this journey will be one of the most memorable.We will complete several loops at minimum altitude, providing countless photo opportunities, allowing us to capture Victoria Falls for perpetuity with our cameras as well as our hearts. After some meandering around the falls we will continue through Zimbabwe heading to Pretoria. During this part of the flight, we will have views of the astonishing salt pans in Makgadikgadi National Park, and the especially remarkable Kalahari Desert. At the route to Pilansberg we will overfly Thabazimbi Natural Reserve before the tremendous dark shape of Pilansberg National Reserve suddenly rises from the flat ground surrounding it. After the short layover for entry procedures into South Africa, we will continue our flight on to Wonderboom. Our last flight is short, lasting only one hour. Once we arrive at Wonderboom Airport, we will have lunch at the airport restaurant, before boarding the bus that will drive us to the Johannesberg International Airport and all points homeward bound. But before we board the flight back home, we will raise glasses of another great South African wine in a final salute to the trip of a lifetime

Day 14


The unique and majestic beauty of this voyage will forever be imprinted on your heart and soul and upon your return home you will be able to relive the memories of your trip captured by the eye of your camera

Internal Air is fully included.

Minimum age is 10 years.

First group event: welcome briefing at 6:30 p.m. on Day

Last group event: airport arrival at 3:45 p.m. on Day 14.

Departures are guaranteed to operate with a minimum of 2 guests

English-Speaking Resident Tour Director and Local Guide

Hand-Selected Luxury Accommodations (Where Available)

Traveller’s Laundry Servic

Internet Access (Where Available)

Airport Meet and Greet with Private Transfers

Full Breakfast Daily; Select Lunches and Dinners

Entrance Fees, Taxes and All Gratuities Except Resident Tour Director

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